About us

Welcome to Broad Arrow

The Broad Arrow Company supplies genuine quality Australian made art and giftware. Aligned with award winning Australian artists, we have designed a unique range of products that capture many facets of our wonderful country and diverse culture. Additionally we are proud to be associated with a number of exiting new initiatives, with Australian made art, both at home and abroad.

About Broadarrow

The Broadarrow Company was developed to service a gap in the market for quality genuine Australian made gifts. With many years of previous experience as major importers of stone & masonry products, we would experience trouble sourcing quality Australian made gifts for our overseas clients and suppliers.

From our research we discovered our experience was shared across duty free providers, tourist attractions and theme park operators at the coal face.

More alarming though are recent figures sourced from Queensland Tourism Industry Council which suggest that close to 60% of overseas tourist’s return home with money left over from not being able to find quality Australian made giftware!

Sadly the majority of giftware currently available is often poorly mass produced. We have gone against this trend and produced a range of products worthy of giving as gifts.

Since gaining membership with the Australian Made Campaign we have been contacted by a number of tourism operators seeking to purchase our range of giftware on the basis that it is locally produced and of a superior quality.

Through aligning ourselves with award winning Australian artists keen to promote their work in such a format, we have designed a unique range of products that capture the many facets of our fantastic country and diverse culture.

Should you be looking for something ‘theme’ specific we can produce a range to your specific requirements.